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destiny network

Interested in becoming a Destiny Network church?

about destinynetwork.

The Destiny Network is an exciting opportunity for your church to be part of a growing apostolic movement of churches.

In 1991 Andrew and Sue Owen moved to Scotland with a prophetic word hanging over them - “Not a village, not a town, not a city, but a nation and nations turning to Christ.” God has been so faithful; from the first church planted in Glasgow, today there are now over 1000 churches across Europe, Africa and Asia.

Our vision is to see growing churches built on biblical foundations and moving in the power of the Holy Spirit. Churches which passionately communicate the gospel and practically demonstrate the love of God in our communities. Churches which are culturally relevant, shining with truth and love in a dark world.

The Bible teaches that:

“Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their labour…” (Ecclesiastes 4:9).

Together we can go further. This principle so beautifully modelled for us in the Book of Acts, where we see diverse churches flowing together - united in mission, clear on values, and being supported on the journey. If this is what you’re looking for then the Destiny Network is for you.


Here are some of the great benefits your church will experience in the Network:

• Spiritual partnership and friendship - In the Bible we see that spiritual covering brings blessing, protection and authority into the lives of individuals and churches. In a spiritually dark world such benefits are essential as we take ground.

• International Leaders Days happen regularly through the year and provide an opportunity for pastors and their teams to grow, learn and enjoy fellowship within the Network. If you are unable to attend in person there is a live stream option for you and your team. Network churches receive free recordings from these days.

• Surge is our annual conference, where churches and leaders from around the UK, Europe and beyond gather for powerful teaching, ministry and worship. We encourage all Destiny Network churches to connect with this moment. It truly is a moment where we all “surge” forward in God’s purposes.

• Destiny College is a world class training and equipping centre for our Network. It offers full-time courses in Leadership and Discipleship and also in Christian Counselling. The college also runs a number of part-time evening courses through the year, with distance learning available too. This is an excellent resource to our Network providing an opportunity for pastors and their leaders to grow, learn and be equipped for effective ministry.

• Add strength to your church by using Destiny’s discipleship “pathways.” (“According to the Pattern” for new church members and “Five” for new church leaders). Network churches will receive training how to use these materials to strengthen your church.

• Each church within the Network will be allocated a “go to person” for support, advice and encouragement.

• Network churches will have access to an online portal - a place for accessing resources, talks and updates.

• A monthly network update and encouragement.


keep up to date with all that is happening in the Destiny Network


Do I have to change the name of my church to “Destiny”?

No. The Destiny Network is an opportunity for churches to draw strength from associating with an apostolic movement. A network where you don’t lose your local distinctives or identity but where we unite and move together around common values. We would simply encourage Network churches to add “Part of the Destiny Network” to their website, letterheads, footers and publicity. If however you did want to become a “Destiny Church” and change your name, we’d be happy to look at this journey with you.

I’m just about to plant a church - can I plant as part of this Network?

Yes! In fact we’d love to help you on the journey. We’ve gained much experience from years of planting churches in a wide variety of contexts. We will likely be able to connect you with others planting churches in similar contexts, as well as making available church planting training and coaching.

My church is part of a denomination or stream - can we still join?

Yes, as long as this is allowed by and has the blessing of the group you are part of.

What is an apostolic movement?

We have a conviction that the closer churches can get back to the New Testament pattern the greater the church’s impact will be. In the NT we don’t see independent churches, we see interdependent churches. We don’t see denominations led by voted-in committees, rather we see Ephesian 4 ministries flowing together and cross fertilising local churches.

We see apostolic strength and strategy in congregations.

Whether the church was planted directly by an apostle (e.g. Ephesus) or emerged by itself yet started working with an apostle (e.g. Rome), the New Testament presents to us a picture of dynamic, relational, diverse growing churches.

Here’s what we see:

• We see cross fertilisation of ministries (Acts 13)
• We see unique expressions of church ie not a cookie-cutter approach
• We see churches rallying together around apostolic projects (offerings for the poor at Jerusalem)
• We see the great commission strongly advancing the alive local churches

How did Destiny start?

Destiny Church is one of Scotland’s success stories. We started with just a handful of people, but by God’s grace, have grown to become one of the significant churches in the nation, and have opened many other Destiny Churches in Scotland, Europe and across the world. So how did it all begin? And where do we see it all going? Read more.

How is Destiny structured?

Destiny has an apostolic team who oversee the churches. The team is made up of a variety of leaders with diverse gifting. Andrew and Sue Owen lead this team. We have also appointed a number of “apostolic elders” who are out with our ministry, and who give advice, accountability and support to the apostolic team.

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